Billinton Group is involved in the following business aspects:


Involving, by itself and cooperating with partners and associates, in exploration, mine development and mine operations for base metals, precious metals, coal and other minerals resources mainly in Australia 


Committed to the development of low-carbon economy, and the treatment of toxic and hazardous gases and respirable fine particles; developing its own cutting technologies and engineering the technologies to protect our environment; implementing the operational principle of recycling economy for reuse of wastes to benefit human beings 


Trading of minerals and resources, such as iron ore, manganese ore, coal, copper cathodes, etc. from Australia, Brazil, Mongolia, Africa and Asia to China; of fertilizers such as urea and ammonium sulphate from China; and of steel, machinery, environmental products and technologies and mineral ore separation equipment etc 


Investing and seeking investment partners in resources exploration, development and mining of base metals, precious metals and coal, and also in Hi-tech sections for air pollution control, i.e. FGD and fine particles, hot gas cleaning and energy recovery, and environmentally friendly innovative spraying equipment 


Involving in shipping minerals, i.e. iron ores from Australia to China, and cargos from China to Papua New Guinea and Australia