Billinton Group has made considerable achievements since its foundation, thanks to its possession of an excellent business team consisting of a number of high-quality, united and efficient, and strenuously aggressive people. BG believes that human resources are the primary factor to an enterprise's survival and development, and that the enterprise's biggest success is of the success of its employees. We regard our employees as the company's most valuable assets. Accordingly, BG's magnificent prospects are in need of more talents sharing hardships with us. We treat our employees honestly, striving to mobilize their enthusiasm and to make them fully active and offer their ideas for the development of the company. In an equal, fair, respect, trustful business environment, BG provides each of the employees a broad space for development. 

BG's practices on human resources are: 

  • create a tireless enterprising team of efficiency first, diligence and pragmatism, and team spirit;
  • build a mechanism of self-motivation, self-discipline and promotion of outstanding talents;
  • pay attention to each employee's present, development and future;
  • implement policies of such as people-oriented, allocation of appropriate places for people, taking advantage of people's talent, chances of growth and development of employees to realize their own values;
  • retain people by the way of salary, by the ways of career and sentiments;
  • develop employees' self-confidence, self-esteem and self-improvement; honest, pragmatic, and realistic working attitude; belief, trustiness and faith among the employees. 

BG's development and achievement of excellence needs such talents as: 

  • talents of self-discipline, ethic, professional, responsibility, and good working and living habits;
  • talents of being good at learning and progress, of being able to face difficulties, of being willing to take new challenge and work under pressure, of being creative and of international strategy and perspective;
  • talents of overall situation awareness, development awareness, management awareness, sense of innovation and related business capabilities; and of those being able to deem the development of enterprise as their responsibilities, being able to undertake the tasks of developing the company's future;
  • talents of very high professional level in the relevant areas such as --- operations, marketing, technology research and development, business management, public relations, international trade, resource development, engineering services, etc.