Mineral Beneficiation Sevices

Billinton Group and its partners and associates have a variety of professionals and experts who have many year experiences in China and Australia in geological research, mineral survey and exploration, mineral resource development, mine development, and mining operating experience. Since its entering into resources, Billinton Group, together with its partners and associates, has researched into and developed mineral separation products and equipment of iron ores particularly those low grade and refractory iron ores and those with other metal minerals, and of Nikel and Cobalt, et al. 

Center for Innovative Mineral Processing 

The Center for Innovative Mineral Processing at Billinton Group is specially involved in studying the characteristics of mineral and ore, developing new industrial processes for beneficiation of valuable minerals, managing the development of mineral processing projects (laboratory testing, plan design and engineering) and diagnosing the performance and efficiency of the existing mineral processing projects. 

Refractory Iron Ore Beneficiation Study 

We are particularly specialised in dealing with low grade and refractroy hematite and magnetite, resulting in achievement of upgrading iron content and reducing impurities such as silicon, shortening process flowchart, saving energy and increasing yield via our innovative equipment, SLon Magnetic Separator for low grade hematite ores or weakly or non-magnetic iron ores, and Elutriated Magnetic Separator for refractory magnetite ores. 

If you would like to know more concerning Billinton Group's mineral separation development, particularly for dealing with refractory hematite and magnetite, please contact our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..