SLon separator

SLon Magnetic Separator

 Billinton Group Pty. Limited (BG) and SLon Magnetic Separator Ltd (SLMS) from China, have established a strategic cooperation relationship regarding to the business of SLon magnetic separators. BG are authorized to market and sell, in Australia and the Pacific Region, SLMS's series of SLon magnetic separation products equipped with the world leading technology, having an absolutely dominant position in China's market for beneficiation of low grade iron ore. Any iron ore exploration and mining company in Australia, especially those mining developers involved low grade iron ore (hematite, limonite, ilmenite, manganese), and those who have a desire to upgrade their low grade iron ore to 60% or even 65%, please contact us either This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., we are glad to cooperate with you.


 Range of Products of SLon Magnetic Separator 

SLon magnetic separator utilizes the combined forces of magnetic field, pulsating fluid force and gravity to separate weakly magnetic fine minerals, by applying a high intensity magnetic filed. 

There are following types of products: 

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Successful Application of Large Scale Industrial SLon Magnetic Separator 


Slon Magnetic Separator Ltd has successfully developed a new magnetic separator, SLon-4000 vertical ring pulsating high gradient magnetic separator, a machine having the largest processing capacity of a single unit ever in China. This machine was installed and successfully run in an iron mine in China in November, 2011. The technical parameters meet or exceed the design requirements. 

The machine has a swivel ring of outer diameter as large as 4 meters, weighs nearly 400 tons and is capable of processing 550 tons of ore per hour. It is the largest single processing capability machine among the magnetic separators applied in China and in the world. The success of development, installation and operation of this machine is a landmark to large scale mineral processing equipment in China and even in the world. 

Quality Services 

  • According to the customers' requirements and ore types and properties, we will carry out detailed laboratory testwork, testifying whether the ores are capable of being separated, determining the optimal conditions for separation and selecting the most appropriate type of equipment. We can also design a special machine to be suitable to the users' special requirements.

  • Provide all SLon products installation free of charge, and a long-term technical support. We are equipped with a team of hard-working and very experienced engineers who have all been working over the world for many years with the magnetic separators, providing related technical services, guiding installation and on-site-commissioning and training in operation and maintenance of the equipment.

  • Provide a long term supply of components and parts. Each machine is strictly conducted in inspection and test with electrical field, running-up and other quality testing procedures before it is sent out to ensure a 100% qualified product. The equipment and main parts are entitled to one year warranty (excluding wearing parts and consumables).

 Tips: For a small laboratory test, please mail five (5) kilograms of representative samples. Please also tell us your ore properties and testing requirements. We will carry out laboratory testwork, testify whether the samples are separable, and determine the optimal conditions for separation. The test results will be timely informed to you. Please contact us where and how to mail the samples. 

Please contact either This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. now. 

Operational Procedures of SLon Vertical Ring and Pulsating High Gradient Magnetic Separators 

Preparations Before Starting 

  • Check if the magnetic media is loose, if compression bar pins are off or lost and if the hold-down bolts on the media bar are loose. If any issue is arised, it should be fixed up.
  • Check if there is any sporadic iron or other debris near the moving parts of the separator. If any, it should be cleared up. 

Operational Parameters 

  • Operating parameters include excitation current (A), pulsating stroke (mm), pulsating frequency (times/min), slurry flow rate (m3/h), rinse water (m3/h). Adjustment of these parameters shall be determined according to the corresponding requirements requested. 

Sequency of Operations 

  • Start: turn on water valve → power → rings → pulser → excitation magnet → cylinder screen → ore-feeding
  • Stop: stop ore-feeding → cylinder screen → magnet → cylinder screen (after more than 2 minutes) → pulser → rings → power → water valve
  • Emergency stop: turn off power → stop ore-feeding → stop others 

Note: After the power is off the machine has to be running at idle for 2 minutes or more until those magnetic materials accumulated with high magnetic filed have been washed out before permitted to shut off the water and turn off the machine. 

Handling Precautions 

  • Miagnetic media could easily lead to congestion if rings with loading of ores are stopped with rotation. In general, it is not allowed to stop the rings' rotation when loading of ores. When in emergency situations, it has to switch off the power then immediately stop feeding ores. In any circumstance where the power is swtiched off, ore feeding must also be stopped.
  • Each shift must check if the magnetic medium is loose, if the compression bar pins are off or lost and if the hold-down bolts on the media bar are loose. If any issue is arisen, it should be fixed up so as to avoid excessive loss of the magnetic media, or rings being stuck.
  • Check often whether the water level height is the same level as with the spillway of water storage.
  • Check often whether water supply pressure is in normal. Cooling water pressure of the rectifier should be controlled in the range of 0.03 ~ 0.15MPa.
  • Check out ofetn if the cooling water flow rate and temperature are in normal. The water temperature should not be exceeding 70 ℃.
  • Check whether the pulsating parts and rotating rings are in normal operation, whether the excitation voltage and current are in the range of requirements.
  • If the cooling water pressure is too low or the exciting circut is short, the rectifier protection automatically cuts off power supply,and alarm bell automatically alarms. In case of alarming when in operation, check if the water pressure is too low or the excitation circuit is short cut, troubleshooting, pressing the reset button, and then re-energizing the magnet. If the prolems can not be fixed up, shut down the machine.