Billinton Group and its partners and associates have a variety of professionals and experts who have many year experiences in China and Australia in geological research, mineral survey and exploration, mineral resource development, mine development, and mining operating experience. Since its entering into resources, Billinton Group, together with its partners and associates, has invested in low-risk Australian mineral and coal resources projects of small and medium size but with a high return.


 The current projects are focused on eastern Australia's exploration of, mainly iron, gold, silver, copper, nickel and cobalt, also some scouting exploration projects, with a history of repeat discoveries and located close to existing infrastructures. Billinton Group and its partners and associates are planning to enter the exploration of the coal areas of eastern Australia, also preparing to target mineral resources Australia-wide.

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 Base and Precious Metals Exploration

 1. Cobar Project

There are 17 tenements in New South Wales, Australia, containing large tonnages of iron pisolites (iron ore) in the palaeochannels, covering a total area of 4,500 square kilometers, and a total palaeochannel length of more than 11,000 kilometers with a depth of 5-20 meters and a width of 200-1200 meters. The tenements are in the central and western New South Wales, Australia, infrastructure rich with roads and rails directly connected to the ports.


 Location of the tenements

 The pictures below show Channel Iron Deposits (CID) on the surfaces of two of the 17 tenements. The sizes of iron ores (pisolites) are mostly of 0.1mm-5mm. Fe contents of the pisolites are around 50% after a simple separation of raw materials without crushing on site. The deposits of the pisolites are estimated to be more than one billion tonnes.


Iron ores (pisolites) on the surface of the tenements


 The sizes of pisolites between 0.1-5mm. Pisolites sticky on the magnet demonstrating that they possess good magnetic properties

 Precious Metals in Cobar Project

 Most of the alluvial deposits of iron are always containing other valuable minerals, such as gold, copper, tin and platinum. Branches of the palaeochannels in one of the tenements in Main Line project extend into an area previously explored by North Limited (Rio Tino), where wide gold intersections were reported during their drilling. A drilling hole with 148 meters deep in Bimbella West, one of the tenmenets of the Main Line project, discoveried the gold in the rocks along with the depth of the drill hole, with a grade of around 0.42g/t, from 20-54 meters away from the surface. Historically, gold was mined out with a total of 293 ton ores at a grade of 34.9g/t of gold in that tenement.


 Historic mining, drilling, sampling for gold and the potential gold occurence close to the tenement Bimbella

 Along with exploration and development on the targets of a large tonnage of pisolites, there are very likely other precious metals and base metals contained in the tenements. Further exploration and analysis are being planned.

 7-8 companies are currently conducting activities of explartion,development and mining on precious metals in the areas close to our tenements.

2. Other Exploration Projects