Since its incorporation in 2003, Billinton Group has been making considerable progress wintin a few years, thanks to its personnel's unceasing exploration, hard working and contributions. A team of highly qualified personnel has been formed, comprised of extensively experienced experts in negotiating, marketing, financing and management, of internationally recognized engineers and R&D personnel, and of specialists familiar with minerals and mining industry and trading as well. The business of mineral resources development, processing and utilization are integrated effectively with the business of engineering and service for projects in energy-saving, environmental protection and reutilization of resources 

Billinton Group practises a joint innovation of industries, universities and research institutes to strengthen its research and development. The company has owned a number of proprietary technologies and products with wide applications and good potential economic returns in the fields of energy-saving and environmental protection, being evaluated by experts and entrepreneurs from Chinese Ministries of Education, and Science and Technology. Billinton Group and its associates have established cooperation relationships with at home and abroad well-known dust removal and desulfurization technology companies, equipment manufacturing and processing companies, and technical support companies for many years. Taking integration and the principles of recycling economy as the guiding ideology, and aiming at solving the problems not able to be solved by the existing technologies and, at reducing customer's investment and operating costs, Billinton Group always take considerable efforts to provide its customers gas cleaning technologies with optimum solutions. 

Billinton Group has entered, in a timely and steady manner, into Australia's mineral resource exploration and mine development sector. One of the subsidiary resource companies has three tenements in Pilbara, WA, bearing minerals such as iron ore, gold and uranium.  The exploration target of iron ore is 350million to 650million tonnes of magnetite resource with 31-37%Fe. It also potentially bears a huge body of hematite, and possibly having direct shipping ore (DSO). The company used to hold 50% of shares with an iron ore project  in Cobar, NSW, potentially bearing more than 500 million tons of pisolitic iron ore grading 45-50%Fe. The company withdrew from the project, but will get A$0.19 per ton of the mined minerals as a loyalty. Billinton Group has for years established close partnerships in trading with mine owners, and mineral and energy trading companies from China, Australia, the United States, Brazil, Malaysia, Thailand and Africa. 

In addition, the company is also striving for low-grade iron ore development, processing, converting and utilization. BG has also established an innovative mineral processing research centre with a university in China for testing, development and consulting on refractory mineral beneficiation. 

China's economic explosion and its great needs in primary resources and energy, plus large demanding and considerable markets for environmental protection and energy-saving technologies and products, have provided excellent opportunities and development space for BG's future rapid growth and its partners' cooperation.