Billinton Group Pty. Limited (Billinton Group) was originally founded in 2003 in Sydney, Australia. It was focused on development and application of high technologies in the fields of air pollution control which encompassed de-dust/de-SOx, energy saving and recovery and, environmentally friendly spraying technology and equipment for crops protection. Restructured recently with participation of various companies, it has been grouped with a few subsidiary companies, and expanding its business to more areas.

 Billinton Group (BG) has now been incorporated with various talented personnel in the lines of resources, mining, geology, science and technology, engineering, IT, business development and investment, entrepreneurs and solicitors. The company has been continuously striving to expand into new business areas, and it has now evolved into two broad activities as: (1) resources exploration and development, trading and investment; (2) high technology and equipment development, manufacturing, engineering and services for dealing with air pollution, such as particles and toxic gases i.e. SOx, NOx, HCl, and NH3, which are usually generated during processing or utilization of minerals and resources such as iron ore, copper and coal.

 Together with its associates, BG is involving itself with the business of resources exploration and mine development and operations in Australia, and with shipping operations between Australia and China. BG has established strategic partnerships with mine owners and developers, and with trading companies of minerals and resources in Australia, China, USA, Brazil, Thailand, and Africa.

BG is well aware that large quantities of pollutants such as dust and toxic gases (for example, SOx and NOx), are generated during the course of minerals processing, ore sintering in the steel industry and other nonferrous metals industries, and coal firing in power plants. BG has been making great efforts to develop its own innovative technologies rather than using traditional ones, to purify effectively the exhausted gases, to recover and reutilize energy from hot gases, and to recover valuable resources and matters from the wastes, based on the developing principle of a recycling economy.

 In order to improve and enhance its scientific and technological innovation capability, BG has been establishing its research centres in Australia and China for the development of electrostatic technology and its application. Dust control and flue gas desulphurization (FGD) combined with its innovative electrostatic spraying technologies have been the priorities. BG also has partnerships with companies in China who have extensive experiences in manufacturing, construction and installation in dust control and FGD projects. BG and its associates have formed good relationships with famous de-dust and de-SOx companies, equipment and parts manufacturing companies, and technological support companies from Australia, China, Europe, USA, etc.

 BG and its partners are now becoming a member of a listed resources company in Australia. A member of BG is also going to be public in China. BG has had invaluable experiences and extensive relationships in Australia and China in its business areas. BG welcomes all of you to contact us for mutual cooperation to benefit each other in trading, technologies, engineering and services, and in resources development and investment.